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Renaissance Hall Is Located On The Second Floor
"Renaissance Hall, on the south side of the second floor, is where the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania and some subordinate Chapters meet. The Hall is decorated in the Italian Renaissance style, and was finished in 1908."

"Just outside Renaissance Hall is a twelve-foot lion's head fountain made of marble.

Lion's Head Fountain
St. John the Evangelist "In the ceiling are round-headed paintings of Moses and King Solomon (shown right).
The painting on the west wall, over the Senior Warden, is of St. John the Evangelist (shown left). The prevailing color of the room is scarlet, the symbolic color of the Chapter."
King Solomon
"In the center is a circular skylight twenty feet in diameter. Throughout the walls and ceiling are emblems of Royal Arch Masonry." Circular skylight
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Zum Ziele fuhrt dich diese Bahn
"In which the hero is admonished to be steadfast, tolerant and discreet."
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