Norman Hall
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Norman Hall
"The style of Norman Hall, finished in 1891, is Rhenish Romanesque. The term 'Norman' is indiscriminately used for round-arch architecture, such as is found here.
"The clock on the west wall includes the letters spelling out clockwise BAYSE and counterclockwise NEWCOMB. Brother Bayse Newcomb was Grand Master in 1821. Brother Newcomb is one of the few Grand Master's for whom there is no portrait in the Building. Norman Hall Clock

"The panels between the piers, not occupied by windows, have life-sized figures on a gold mosaic background. The figures are bearing the Working Tools of Freemasonry: Plumb, Trowel, Square, Mallet and Compasses.

"The ceiling panels are a deep blue with the outside tinted chocolate brown. Decorations are alternating patterns found in ancient Irish or Scandinavian manuscripts." Ceiling Panels
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Awake the Harp Chorus
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