Masonic Library and Museum
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Masonic Library and Museum
"The Museum, founded in 1908, has one of the finest collections of Masonic treasures in the world. One of these is Bro. George Washington's Masonic Apron, once thought to have been embroidered by Madame Lafayette, but which is now believed to have been made in China, and which was presented to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in 1829 by the Washington Benevolent Society."
"Another prized possession is this rare reversed painting on glass, showing George Washington being lifted into heaven by God. It is one of only four known to exist, and this is the only one considered to be in perfect condition."

General Tom Thumb's Masonic Apron
"Another unique item in the collection is General Tom Thumb's Masonic Apron."
"The Library includes approximately 80,000 publications of books, pamphlets and manuscripts."
"One of the features of The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania is the Circulating Library, established in 1952. A catalog of available volumes and tapes is printed and distributed annually. Beginning in 1998, the entire catalogue is available to eligible participants via the internet."
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