Ionic Hall
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Ionic Hall
"Ionic Hall, decorated in 1890, takes its name from the style of architecture from Ionia, where King Ion reigned in Asia Minor. Ionians were mostly Greek emigrants. Refinement and elegance are characteristic of Ionic style.

"The walls are painted light blue, with panels containing full-length portraits of Right Worshipful Past Grand Masters.
Ionic Hall Pillars
West Wall Clock "The ceiling of Ionic Hall represents heaven. In the center shines the noon-day sun, surrounded by signs of the planets and stars. The signs of the zodiac were often used decoratively by the operative masons of the Middle Ages in Europe.

"The clock on the west wall is one of the oldest in the Temple. It was made in 1874 and is still keeping time.

"Next we will go to Egyptian Hall."
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Ihr unsre neuen Leiter
"Oh Thou, Our New Leader"
To be sung at the Installation
of a new Worshipful Master
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