Grand Foyer
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The twenty-foot wide Grand Foyer sweeps from the Main Entrance Gate on North Broad Street to the huge bronze doors of the Benjamin Franklin Room. The Doric, the oldest, strongest and simplest of the Orders of Grecian architecture, is exemplified throughout the massive foyer, which is elegantly adorned with oil paintings and ancient inscriptions.
A beautiful fountain in the center closes the visitor's view along the main part of the foyer. The floor is laid with black and white marble tiles and the wainscoting is of highly polished Lisbon marble. Along the north wall, are the following inscriptions: Egypt, Athens, Byzantine, Gothic, and Rococo.
On the south wall are: Empire, Renaissance, Romanesque, Rome, and Babylon. Around the arches are male and female characters in costumes of ancient times. Oil portraits of some of the Right Worshipful Past Grand Masters are hung on these walls.
Located off the Grand Foyer is the entrance to the Grand Banquet Hall.

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