Egyptian Hall
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 Egyptian Hall
"Egyptian Hall was finished in 1889. It is decorated in the style of the Nile Valley. Twelve huge columns stand on the four sides of the room, surmounted by capitals peculiar to the Temples of Luxor, Karnak, Philae and others. The furniture also is in Egyptian style. The Worshipful Master's throne is gilded ebony; the pedestal is flanked by sphinxes.
"The ceiling is blue, indicative of the heavens. A solar disk is placed in the East. Representations of the major Egyptian gods are painted on the panels in the east. All the hieroglyphics are accurate copies from Egypt, and the room is used by students of the style. Isis
Hathor "The woman's face on the capitals is that of "Hathor, goddess of wisdom and love." In Egyptian mythology she was sometimes represented as a cow, which is why she has a face of a woman but the ears of a cow.
"In the panel above the Senior Warden's chair is a bronze relief of Brother Thomas R. Patton, former Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer. He was instrumental in having Egyptian Hall completed in such detail. He was also the benefactor of the Thomas Ranken Patton Masonic Institution for Boys, now the home of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. For additional information on Brother Thomas Ranken Patton click here." Brother Thomas Ranken Patton
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
O Heliges Band
"The hallowed bond of friendship"
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