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Corinthian Hall Is Located On The Second Floor

"Now we are entering the meeting place of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania: Corinthian Hall. The features of this room were finished in 1903. It is decorated in strict conformity with the principles of Grecian classical architecture."

Medallions "Various subjects for the bas-relief medallions over the entrance hall and on the pilasters on the north and south walls were taken from ancient Greek coins and medallions." Medallions
"The room is decorated wih mosaics representing fragments from Greek mythology relating mostly to spiritual life. The stars and subdued lighting gives an atmosphere of an open hall in an ancient Greek temple."
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"Here is a picture of Corinthian Hall,
shown as it looked from 1873 - 1903,
when it was remodeled in the Grecian theme.
Note the huge gaslight chandeliers
that hung in the room."
"The west wall bears the inscription
'Fide et Fiducia' (By Fidelity and Confidence)"
Fide et Fiducia


"The rug in this room, installed in 1963, was a gift from the Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico. There is one deliberate imperfection in the design of this rug. One of the corner leaves was left out, to depict man's imperfection, and to follow a Persian tradition that only God, or Allah, is perfect."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Andante Flute solo, Scene 15, "The Magic Flute"
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