Safety Programs

Fire Safety and Protection
To Introduce the topic of fire safety.

What to do when you are caught in a fire.
To introduce the techniques for surviving a fire.

Neighborhood Security Watch Programs
To introduce the topic of local neighborhood security.

To introduce the topic of CPR and using AED's.

The R. W. Grand Master has asked all Lodges to conduct educational personal protection and safety programs during the year. Lodge members who are in law enforcement and emergency services are encouraged to contact their Worshipful Masters and volunteer to assist with these presentations. The programs can be for the Lodge members, their families, friends, and even the general public.

There are four programs in the series. The first program is an introduction to fire safety and prevention. The second program highlights what to do in case of fire, at home or while traveling. The third program focuses on home security and the fourth program discusses personal safety tips.

National Fire Protection Association
Pennsylvania Affiliate American Heart Association
Susquehanna Emergency Health Services Council
Robert Stackhouse

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