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The Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania shall assist the Grand Lodge in fulfilling its mission by creating and implementing programs and disseminating information that better acquaint and educate both the membership and the public about the mission of Freemasonry. Further, the Committee shall prepare programs and present information which develop moral, intellectual and social character and which explain, instruct and demonstrate Masonic ideals, principles and activities and how Freemasonry improves the quality of life for our members, their families and their communities.

2014 Master Builders Program
"FRIEND TO FRIEND" Monument Video
"TOOLS OF THE CRAFT" 3-part Video Series is Online
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Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry
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100 Masonic Questions and Answers
Beginnings of American Freemasonry
What is the Ahiman Rezon?
Masonic Presidents Tour - a permanent exhibit of the Library and Museum

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