The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research provides an opportunity for Master Masons to study and share knowledge relating to unique aspects of our culture. Freemasonry represents a significant contribution to American History and our collective character.

Freemasonry poses many questions on a myriad of topical areas: philosophy, history, ritual and symbolism, to name a few. There are thousands of volumes written on Freemasonry and yet the depth of this subject has never quenched the desire for additional study.

As a member of the Research Lodge, a Master Mason has the opportunity to meet with Masonic scholars from throughout the jurisdiction and to present his thoughts and research. Research papers will be presented at each meeting. Members also have the opportunity to become an officer of the Lodge of Research.

Through an organized Lodge of Research, a Master Mason may discover areas of interest in Masonic lore of which he may have been unaware. The members of the Research Lodge also serve as a resource and exchange of ideas.

The Lodge provides an exposure to new ideas through meetings and published transactions, as well as information about unique and rare documents and publications.
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