The next meetings of the Pennsylvania Lodge of Research F.& A.M. will be held on:

June 14, 2014 - the Scranton Hilton,
100 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA 18503
Thomas W. Jackson  "Why Do We Take This Road?"
Dr. Theodore W. Schick, Jr.  "Masonry and Morality"
Paul D. Fisher  "Robber Baron of Freemasonry"
Dr. W. Edward Sell  "The Bible and the Law"
Charles S. Canning  "The Works of Darkness"
Gerald W. West  "John Quincy Adams, the Anti-Mason"
Dr. James L. Sieber  "George Washington: Master surveyor and Mason"
Willard W. Wetzel  "Masonic Governors of Pennsylvania"
Floyd R. Sowers  "Working the Rough Ashlar: The Gutzon Borglum Story"
James E. Brommer  "Bro. Samuel C. Perkins, RWPGM and MEPGHP,
and his Double Connection to Mechanicsburg"
Charles S. Canning  "The Past Master's Symbol"
Dr. John Schwartz  "Masonic Presidents"
Jerry J. Hamilton  "Did Preston Read Josephus?"
"The Five Principle Orders of Architecture"
Walter C. Daniels  "Masonry and Music"
Dr. John W. Postlewait  "Jack the Ripper and the Masonic Connection"
Theodore Davi  "Lodge Education Programs"
Barry J. Lipson   "Rebuilding King Solomon's Temple"
James E. Brommer  "Samuel C. Perkins' Double Connection To Mechanicsburg"
Dr. Theodore Schick, Jr.  "Freemasonry Under Attack: The Threat of Post Modernism"
Charles S. Canning   "Colonel Thomas Craig's Scottish Rite Patent"
Charles S. Canning   "Masonic Visibility and Social Activity in the Late 19th Century"
Robert L. Dluge, Jr.   "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: the Public Perception of Freemasonry"
Gerald W. West   "The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research Sojourn to Washington, DC"
S. Brent Morris   "The Spread of the High Dgrees by Masonic Lecturers"
David T. Mello   "Bermuda and Freemasonry"
Paul D. Fisher   "William Smith: Common Name, Uncommon Brother"
William L. Kingsbury   "The New Masonic Temple from Concept to Dedication, 1865-1873"
Richard P. Mulcahy   "To Advance the Race: Prince Hall Freemasonry and the Founding of the Niagara Movement"
Kenneth J. Faub   "The Silver Wreath on the Wall: George Wilkins Guthrie, 1848-1917"
Charles S. Canning   "The Human Vivisection of Sir Washington Irving Bishop, a Masonic Allegory"
Herbert C. Archdeacon   "The Masonic Career of Brother Clifford McCalla"
James L. Sieber   "Eighteenth Century Masonic Lodges in Pennsylvania"
Matthew D. Dupee   "Geometric Master Mason: the Origin and Significance"
William L. Kingsbury  "Exclusively Male Fraternal Societies: A Survey of the Legal Landscape"
Aaron R. White  "The Finest Parian Marble"
Bro. Brian J. Fegely  "The Headplate of the High Priest"
Bro. Ralph Wheeler, P.P.J.G.W  "Masonry Universal - How It Developed Throughout the World"
Joseph F. Acton  "Some Comments Concerning James Anderson's Constitutions"
Jan L. Boggess  "Cerneau and the Cerneau Rite"
S. Eugene Herritt  "The Trestleboard of Change"
George R. Haynes  "Working the Plan: Lodge Models and Model Lodges, Observation and Practice"
Larry D. Horath  "Freemasonry and the Liberal Arts and Sciences"
William L. Kingsbury  "Exclusively Male Fraternal Societies in Pennsylvania: A Survey of the Legal Landscape"
Paul D. Baltzer  "Ancient and Modern Masonry"
James L. Sieber  "A Theory of Freemasonry's History: Arts and Sciences' Royal Society"
Charles S. Canning  "Should There Be a Second Research Lodge, F.&A.M. in Northwest Pennsylvania?"
William Hartman  "Rev. Dr. and Brother James Milnor, R.W. Grand Master, The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania"
David T. Reppert  "Freemasonry and Freedom: The Fraternity in Germany and Implications for Today"
Arthur D. Morey  "Notes on the Development of the Cryptic Rite and Its History in Pennsylvania Through the End of the Civil War"
Mark L. Bober  "A Study in the Decline in Membership in Pennsylvania Masonic Lodges and its Relationship to a Global Decline in Civic, Religious and Fraternal Organizations"
Aaron R. White  "The Influence of Norman and Islamic law on a Masonic Custom"
Jerry J. Hamilton  "How Ancient is Ancient"
James L. Sieber  "Knight Philosopher: Parody Ritual on Possible Ancient Masonry"
S. Eugene Herritt  "A Short History of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and its Masonic Connections"
Albert L. Kappeler  "John A. Brashear: Astronomer, Educator and Optician"
Jack H. Speece  "George Washington Masonic Cave"
Barry J. Lipton  "The Browning of masonry & the Symbolism of the Lost: The Scottish Rite and the Cerneau Wrong Revisited"
John W. Postlewait  "James L. Gillis, Jefferson County Pioneer and Mason"
James L. Sieber  "Masonry and the War of 1812: Training Ground for U.S. Leaders"
Larry M. Miller  "A Brief History of George Washington Lodge No. 143"
Robert B. Malwitz  "In Defense: Compliant"

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