September 26, 1998 Grand Master's Day
Ice cream and apple butter... all you could eat! Matthew Clouser, Child Care Worker, shared photos and activities of the Children's Home. Bro. Randy Peters had a great time talking to friends through his computer. Every day is an adventure!
All this work to cook a hot dog! Or Sausage! Bro. Luther Updegraff, Village Green Apartments resident, a member of Eureka Lodge No. 335, Montoursville, is proud to be a Mason, (and loves the game of baseball, too!) Bro. W. Scott Stoner, RWPGM
The Masonic Temple was open for tours. The Rajah Shrine Temple Chanters entertained in the Deike Auditorium. Bro. Henry Nickol helps visitors locate residents in a master listing. Bro. Blaine Fabian, Editor of the PENNSYLVANIA FREEMASON, was properly equipped to cover the story.
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