September 26, 1998 Grand Master's Day
The Zembo Highlanders, a bagpipe band, gave a performance in the Village Green. Bro. Ken Stevens had a banner sales day on behalf of the Grand Lodge Gift Shop, selling all manner of Masonic supplies, souvenirs and books Bro. John Suchanec renewed his acquaintance with Mrs. Wesley E. Smith
Mrs. Cynthia Hollinger, Volunteers Director, shared with visitors the many opportunities to serve residents of the Masonic Homes. Information was provided by the Masonic Blood and Organ Donor Club. The Litl' Bubba train, provided and driven by Bro. Jack Bubernack of Lodge No. 43, carried residents and visitors around the campus. Bro. Fred Rissinger, Director of Development, discussed the Masonic Charities programs with visitors.
Miss Ashley Frederick, granddaughter of the R. W. Grand Master, enjoyed plenty of attention. CW4 James S. Norris, USA, (Ret), National Commander of the Heroes of '76, came from Kaneohe, Hawaii, to share information about his organization. Job's Daughter Natalie Prazenica collected plenty of signatures on her new ankle cast. Grand Guardian Marge Fasnacht, (left),and Miss Job's Daughter Andie Earhart, promoted the Order, and the Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment (H.I.K.E.) Fund.
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