Please Give Blood: Someone Needs You.
  • Why should I give blood?
      Because every day blood donations help to save lives! Auto accident patients may require more than 50 pints of blood depending on the severity of the injuries. A patient undergoing hip replacement surgery may use up to 6 pints of blood. A child with leukemia may use 300 units of blood components during treatments.
  • What is a blood bank?
      Usually a Blood Bank is a self-Supporting, nonprofit corporation whose primary goal is to promote the voluntary donation of blood and to thereby provide and coordinate the blood supply of its member hospitals.
  • What is a group blood assurance plan and what does it mean to you?
      It is any group of people who join together and agree to donate blood on a current routine basis in anticipation of the future blood needs of the group's members. It is a unique opportunity to protect you and your family and at the same time to save the life of another. Your participation in the Group Blood Assurance Plan offers cost-free blood replacement on a nationwide basis, if the hospital in which your or your family member is a patient is a member of the American Association of Blood Banks. Most health insurance policies do not pay for blood, therefore this is valuable protection.
  • When should I give blood?
      The demand for blood is high and blood donations are needed constantly because blood is perishable. It must be used within 35 days. Some components must be used within 5 days.
  • Who can give blood?
      Any individual age 17 and older, weighing 110 pounds or more and in good health can be a blood donor. Blood donations can be given every eight weeks with no harm.

      A brief physical examination and medical history are taken prior to donation. Causes for temporary/permanent deferrals are determined at that time.

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