The Member, his spouse and all children up to 18 years of age. No limitations on number of units of blood. No geographic limitations.

Requirements For Membership:
Open to all Pennsylvania Freemasons. Also open to Members of Pennsylvania Women's groups having Masonic affiliation as a requirement for membership. Requirement of One donated unit of blood by the applicant or by a substitute. There is no monetary obligation for membership. Widows of all Pennsylvania Freemasons are automatically covered, upon application, without the required one unit of blood.

How Your Membership Works:
Members are registered under the name of the eligible member, regardless of who makes the actual blood donation. Wives and minor children are covered under that name, unless the wife registers under her membership in an affiliated women's group. There is no need to give a membership number when you donate blood. You can tell them you are donating for the Masonic Blood Donor Club. Some blood centers keep a record and others do not. It doesn't affect you either way. Your membership will be renewed automatically, and we trust that you or a substitute donor will give blood when you are physically able. Membership cards generally are produced once a year, in mid-March. You don't need to show your card to anyone-- it is enough to be on the Club roster-- we will process your request for blood replacement as described below.

How To React When Blood Is Needed:
Inform the hospital that the patient is a Member of the Masonic Blood Club of Pennsylvania. This is normally all that is needed. If the hospital bills the patient for the blood, DO NOT PAY FOR THE UNITS. The patient is responsible for the administration of the blood, but not the blood itself. The administrative costs are normally covered by insurance. Contact the Secretary of the Blood Club (his address is on the Membership Card), giving him the date of the procedure, the name of the patient and place where the procedure was done, plus any other pertinent information. The Secretary will arrange to have the required units of blood replaced. If another bill is received showing the same charges, they can be ignored. This is because there may be an overlap in billing cycles. It usually takes 4 to 6-weeks for the payment of hospital bills to catch up with their billing department. If more bills are received after the passage of 6-weeks, call the Blood Club Secretary for follow-up.

Norman Fox, President
F. Rick Knepper, Vice President
c/o Masonic Blood Club
Masonic Temple
One North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

William Gottschalk, Treasurer

Russell Baker, Secretary
440 Ford Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022-3193

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