Recommended Readings - Masonic Reference
(These references will be very beneficial to those doing research but cannot fit the category of books that are read to meet the requirements of the Certificates.)
The Bible
Coil, Henry Wilson, Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961.
Denslow, William R., 10,000 Famous Freemasons, 1957.
Henderson, Kent, Masonic World Guide, 1984
    Not a book to read but one that gives detail and addresses of Grand and local lodges worldwide, plus what to expect if visiting internationally. A directory of rules for visitations to lodges worldwide and tips for the traveling Mason.
Little Masonic Library, Vols. I - V, Macoy Publishing Co.
    Five volumes of essays on many aspects of Freemasonry. Articles by Claudy, Pike, Pound, etc.
Morris, S. Brent, Masonic Philanthropies - A Tradition of Caring, 2nd. Edition.
Roberts, Allen E., Who Is Who in Freemasonry.
Van Gorden, John H., Medieval Historical Characters in Freemasonry, Masonic Book Club, 1987.
    Biographies of forty-seven historical individuals.
Van Gorden, John H., Ancient and Early Medieval Historical Characters in Freemasonry, Supreme Council A.A.S.R., N. M. J., 1986.
Waite, Arthur Edward., A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Vols. I and II, Weathervane Books, New York, 1970.
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