Masonic Scholar Certification - Book List - Recommended Readings
This book list for the recommended reading is composed of books that the committee feels have the potential to provide Masonic Knowledge to the readers, but even more significant will stimulate the reader to think.

Please note that the appearance of these books on the recommended list is not to be taken as an endorsement by the committee of either the authors or the contents. Indeed there are books, or parts thereof, on this list with which probably all members of the committee would find fault.

It is the firm belief of the members of the Committee that all books read should stimulate the reader to think and, thus, books that appear here and with which you may disagree, are recommended for that purpose.

Many thousands of books concerning Freemasonry have been written during the past 300 years, with additional titles published every month. This list merely scratches the surface and is not intended to confine the reader to these titles alone. Where the participant has found a work that he feels worthy, the Committee would appreciate his comments regarding possible future inclusion.
Recommended Reading
History and Philosophy of Freemasonry
Historical or Masonic Theories
Working of the Lodges
Freemasonry and Religion
The Following Items are included because they may be helpful to Masonic Students in Research and Additional Reading.
Magazines and Journals
Masonic Reference
Sources for Purchases

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