Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge
The Academy Logo
This logo symbolizes the Academy of Masonic Knowledge's unyielding pursuit of academic ideas, the achievements of our past, the bright future ahead for Freemasonry, and the fraternity's dedication to high goals.
  • The Laurel symbolizes victory, or triumph, and the continued pursuit of academic ideals.
  • The Field, or Banner, refers to ideals of essential importance:
      Alpha, or Advancement of Organizational Ideals
      Sigma, or Scholastic Achievement
      Gamma, or Fellowship
  • The Torches are symbolic of learning, and remind us that every person is a potential source of knowledge, with the added responsibility to bring enlightenment to all whom he encounters.
  • The Chevron is symbolic of rank, or merit. The three points of the Chevron represent the individual Brother, his Masonic affiliation, and the Nation.
  • The Shield, bearing the Square and Compasses and the letter "G," symbolizes protection of our fraternity through the dissemination of God's Truth.
The Academy Logo
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