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The Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge will strive to create an environment that will encourage Masons to seek a greater understanding of the nature and purposes of Freemasonry in all its many aspects-past, present, and future-and to share that understanding with others.

To this end, the Academy will offer learning opportunities in which Masons may participate in dialogues with similarly inclined brethren, witness prominent Masonic scholars discussing various aspects of Freemasonry, and pursue home study at their own pace and in their own areas of interest, through publications on Masonic subjects recommended by the Academy.

In addition to providing a learning experience for Freemasons, the Academy will be a vehicle affording recognition to Masons who share their knowledge of Freemasonry with fellow Masons or the public by the written or spoken word.

All Pennsylvania Masons are encouraged to join the Academy of Masonic Knowledge. Registration and membership is free of charge. Joining entitles you to notification of future meetings of the academy and other pertinent information as it becomes available. Joining the academy does not obligate you to the Certification Program. However, if you wish to participate in the Certification Program, you must register. To register, complete the following Registration form and mail it to:

William R. Rininger
1120 Karen Street
Boalsburg, PA 16827-1642

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