The Conference of Grand Masters
The Conference of Grand Masters
The Conference of Grand Masters is a meeting of the
leading Masonic authorities in North America.
Almost all of the Grand Lodges were represented,
as well as many of the national affiliated bodies.
Grand Master Jay Ernette and
Past Grand Master Ed Weisser
had the opportunity to talk
with Robert O. Ralston, Sovereign
Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite,
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
During the meetings, each
Grand Master sits at a table.
If he leaves the table,
one of his officers moves
forward to represent him.

They discussed topics of mutual interest and importance, and heard reports from the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, the Masonic Service Association, and the National Masonic Foundation for Children

Bo. Thomas W. Jackson, R. W. Grand Secretary, spoke on behalf of
the World Conference of Freemasonry.

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Additional speakers included the Imperial Potentate of the Shrine of North America (shown left), The Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay (shown middle) and the International Master Councilor of DeMolay (shown right).
Imperial Potentate of The Shrine of North America The Grand Master of the Order of Demolay The International Master Councilor of Demolay
While the Grand Masters were meeting, the Conference of Grand Secretaries was also holding its annual session.
In this particular discussion,
Bro. Jackson was sharing the good
experience Pennsylvania has had
with its internet web site.
At this session Bro. Jackson
also shared his plans to retire
at the end of 1999.

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