The Lewis Jewel

On December 27, 2007, R.W Grand Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr. introduced and approved the usage of the Lewis Jewel for Pennsylvania Masons.

The word "Lewis" denotes strength and is depicted by certain pieces of metal dovetailed into a stone, which forms a cramp, and enables the operative Mason to raise great weights to certain heights with little encumbrance, and to fix them in their proper bases. Lewis, likewise, denotes the son of a Mason; his duty is to bear the heat and burden of the day, from which his parents, by reason of their age, ought to be exempt; to help them in time of need, and thereby render the close of their days happy and comfortable; and his privilege for so doing is to be made a Mason before any other person however dignified.

In the days of operative Masonry, it was a great source of pride when a son followed in his father's footsteps and was Entered as an Apprentice, his name "entered" on the roll, and thereby admitted to the Lodge. To study his father's skills and learn to use his father's tools were manifest expressions of the greatest honor and esteem a son could play. It was common to carry on the tradition through several generations in the same family.

The Lewis Jewel may be worn by a Mason, if, at the time of his Initiation, his father was a Mason in good standing. The initiate of a deceased father - in good standing at the time of his death - would also qualify. The jewel is suspended from two chains with two bars. The upper bar contains the name of the father and the date of his initiation. The lower bar contains the name of the son and date of his initiation. The Jewel comes in a wallet with a pocket holder.

The Lewis Jewel has been in use in England and other Jurisdictions under the United Grand Lodge of England for many decades to honor a new Mason's father. The jewel has also been adopted in the Jurisdictions of Vermont, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut and perhaps others in the United States and is offered throughout Canada.

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