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The illustration is the approved:design which is supplied complete with a pocket case and a jewel holder which fits into the breast pocket. For durability, the Jewels are plated in "hard" gold which, even if worn many times annually, does not wear off in a lifetime. A minimum of 6 full years as Lodge Treasurer is required to qualify for this Service Jewel.
The top bar is engraved with the name of the Lodge, except when the name is too long for the available space in which case just the number will be used, e.g. "LODGE No. 137".
 Lodge Name                                 Lodge No.
The centre bar is engraved with the individual's initials and surname, plus the letters P.M. in the case of Past Masters.
 Initials                        Surname                     P.M. ?
The bottom bar is engraved with the term of office, e.g. 1978 - 1985. Should the Treasurer still be in office, the final year will be left blank to be added when the Secretary retires from Office.
Year Elected                    Year Retired
PAST TREASURERS - Provision has been made for Past Treasurers to wear this Jewel if they have served as Treasurer for six or more years.

Shipping is by mail and the price includes the shipping cost. This item is passed into the U.S.A. duty-free, but if shipped by courier it is cleared through the Customs by a Customs Broker who charges a fee for the service. When shipped by mail, there is no Brokers Fee.

Price - $58.75 U.S. CHECK OR MONEY ORDER MUST ACCOMPANY ORDER. Please type or write in BLOCK letters Name and Number of Lodge, Initials and name of Treasurer for whom the Jewel is required. Term of Office of the Treasurer, (If still in office, the year elected)

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