Restoration After Suspension For Non-Payment Of Dues
  1. Your first step is always to contact the Secretary of the Lodge from which you were suspended. He will refer to the Ahiman Rezon, Article 19.02, and the Digest of Decisions, Article 94.1 -9, for guidance. The information that follows comes directly from Section 4-64 of The Secretary's Manual in which all the procedures for administration of a Lodge are outlined.
  2. When a Member who has been suspended for non-payment of dues desires to reaffiliate with the Lodge the following procedures must be observed:
    1. For any former Member suspended for non-payment of dues who pays his current year's dues, the Lodge will be required to follow the procedure as stated in Article 94.9 of the Digest of Decisions.
    2. The suspended Member will pay his current year's dues to the Secretary.
    3. The Secretary must include the suspended Member(s) in the next Lodge Notice.
    4. Re-affiliation must be announced at the Stated Meeting. If there are no objections prior to or at the Stated Meeting, the suspended Member is automatically a Member of the Lodge. There is no need to conduct a vote unless an objection exists.
    5. If an objection is brought forth prior to or at the Stated Meeting, then no action can be completed until the objection is thoroughly investigated to determine the nature of the objection. If it is determined to be a valid objection, then the objection will stand.

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