Member Dues Payment Option
We are pleased to offer a program designed to provide a more affordable method of paying dues for members by giving them the opportunity to have their dues paid by credit card or withdrawn from either their checking or savings account. Payment can be made in full or in equal monthly/quarterly installments.

Below are the necessary forms to allow a Lodge Secretary to set up the process with our partner, Payliance, as well as a form for the members who elect to participate in this program.

How does this program benefit both the member and the Lodge?
  • It will allow you to pay your dues over a period of time in equal monthly installments.
  • It will help you by reducing the financial burden of making payment all at one time.
  • Our more senior brethren, and those on low or fixed incomes, will be able to maintain their membership without being concerned with becoming financially overburdened. This program ensures everyone's ability to meet their financial obligation to the Lodge by allowing them to spread it out over time.
  • Our new brethren, and those with young families, will be better able to maintain their membership by budgeting the cost of their dues.
  • Once you sign up, the program runs automatically for the specified number of payments you select and then stops. There's nothing further you have to do.
  • You determine the number of payments and there is no cost to you for using this program. You can modify your payment schedule and the Lodge Secretary can change the payment plan accordingly.
  • You will find a notice of your monthly electronic payment in your bank statement or on your credit card statement.
  • This will help your Lodge and the Secretary save money and reduce the costs of mailings, phone calls, postage, time and effort.
  • Those Brethren and their families who elect to contribute to Lodge or Grand Lodge charities will be acknowledged for the total sum of their donation even though their contribution is spread out over a period of time by making smaller monthly payments.
  • Below you will find a link to the Payment Plan Authorization Form which can be used to pay your dues. The same form can also be used to make contributions directly to Grand Lodge Charities, by simply checking the appropriate boxes, but please remember to use a separate form for each payment plan.
  • You can also obtain copies of the Payment Plan Authorization Form from the Grand Lodge website or from your Lodge Secretary.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to Bro. Ron Sablosky or to Brother Ray Unger at the Grand Lodge Help Desk for Lodge Secretaries.
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