Mission / Service Objectives
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Grand Secretary's Office is to provide accurate and speedy services to Pennsylvania Blue Lodges and Grand Lodge Officers, while fulfilling the constitutional duties of the Grand Secretary.

Service Objectives

In order to meet the Mission of the Grand Secretary's Office, we will focus on the following specific service objectives:
  1. Manage an accurate membership database.
  2. Provide speedy response to all forms of communication.
  3. Re-create all processes to minimize workload on Lodge Secretaries.
  4. Automate as many processes as is practical to effectively concentrate human resources on providing individualized services where best needed.
  5. Support all programs of the Right Worshipful Grand Master and the Grand Lodge.
  6. Establish reliable office hours for service to member and general public alike.
  7. Properly document all actions and business of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
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