Duties Of The Right Worshipful Grand Secretary
Or Book of the Constitution of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of the
Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of
Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and
Masonic Jurisdiction Thereunto Belonging
12.09. It shall be the duty of the Grand Secretary to record the minutes of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge;

   To preserve its archives and seal;

   To collect and receive moneys and securities for or on account of the Grand Lodge, give the proper credits therefore, and pay the same to the Finance and Administrative Services forthwith; accept the fees for Dispensations and Grand Lodge Certificates and the moneys received for copies of the Ahiman Rezon, Digest of Decisions, and other petty cash items, which he shall pay to the Finance and Administrative Services.

Adopted December 1, 1993

   To issue summonses, orders, and notices, either by direction of the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master, attaching to them the seal of the Grand Lodge, and attesting the same;

   To issue notices to each Lodge, of all Stated, Special and Extra Communications of the Grand Lodge;

   To transmit annually, as soon as practicable, after every St. John the Evangelist's Day, to each Subordinate Lodge within this Jurisdiction, and to all Grand Lodges in correspondence with this Grand Lodge, a copy of the printed proceedings of the Grand Lodge, published by its authority;

   To receive all petitions, appeals, and other papers intended for the Grand Lodge, and lay them forthwith before the Grand Master, or other proper authority;

   To keep in suitable and separate books, registries of all Warrants, Dispensations, and Certificates granted by the Grand Lodge or the Grand Officers; a registry of the returns of the Lodges; and alphabetical list of the members of the Lodges; and a record of the suspensions, expulsions, and rejections in said Lodges, and such as may be communicated by other Grand Lodges; and a registry of every item of appropriation of the moneys or funds of the Grand Lodge, and charge each appropriation with the amounts paid on account thereof;

   To transmit to every Lodge in arrears, at least once a year, a statement of its account, and, in conjunction with the Grand Master, adopt such measures as may be proper to collect the same;

   To conduct the correspondence of the Grand Lodge with Subordinate Lodges, under the direction of the Grand Master, preserving all letters received and copies of all letters written and properly file the same;

   To report quarterly to the Grand Lodge, all Subordinate Lodges suspended, or otherwise deprived of the representation therein;

   To report annually, in a condensed form, to the Grand Lodge, not later than the Quarterly Communication in June, the number of the members belonging to each Subordinate Lodge; the number of the initiations, admissions, resignations, suspensions, expulsions, and deaths, during the preceding Masonic year;

   To cause the Constitution of the Grand Lodge to be carefully bound up in a book, with a sufficient number of blank leaves, on which he shall enter in their proper places, and under their proper heads, any amendment or alteration that may be made therein.

   The office of the Grand Secretary shall be kept open from 9 A.M. to 5 o'clock P.M., Monday through Friday.

Adopted December 7, 1977

   He may appoint a Deputy Grand Secretary, with the approval of the Grand Lodge.

   He shall have charge of and oversee the printing of the Annual Proceedings of the Grand Lodge.

Adopted December 7, 1988

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