The John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal
The John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal was created by resolution of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania at the December Quarterly Communication of 1993, under the leadership of then Grand Master Edward H. Fowler. It is to be awarded to a person (male or female) who, being a non-Mason, supports the ideals and philosophy of the Masonic Fraternity.

John Wanamaker was an outstanding public-spirited citizen, a lover of all people who devoted his life to doing good.
Click here to learn more about this outstanding Pennsylvania Mason. The recipient of this medal is one who personifies these high ideals. The award is made at the discretion of the R. W. Grand Master.

The medal has been presented sparingly, to maintain the great prestige associated with an award created by resolution of the Grand Lodge, the others being the Franklin Medal for Distinguished Masonic Service, and the Thomson Award for Saving a Human Life.
Detailed View of The John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal
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Dr. Loretta Finnegan, for her work in the area of study, treatment, prevention and education in the field of drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Loretta Finnegan
Eleanor Kratzer,Women's page editor of the McKeesport Daily News, for her charitable efforts and her efforts to make others aware of community needs.  Eleanor Kratzer
Mrs. Beryl L. Hogue, Supreme Inspector for Rainbow Girls in Pennsylvania, for her many years of devotion and service to the youth of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Beryl L. Hogue
Donald Mireau of Milford, for volunteer service to combat drug and alcohol abuse. Donald Mireau
Joe Paterno, coach of the Penn State University Football Team, for his commitment to education and teamwork, his elevation of the concept of the student-athlete, and his unique blend of character-building and leadership training for all team members. Joe Paterno
Miss Barbara Carson, Supreme Liaison to the Pennsylvania Grand Assembly of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and Past Grand Worthy Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star in Pennsylvania for her service to Masonic ideals through her unwavering support of Pennsylvania Rainbow in its time of need for leadership and stability during a period of great adversity. Barbara Carson
Dr. Richard Mextorf, Superintendent of Loyalsock Township School, District, Williamsport, PA, for his service to the public schools, and in particular his work with students with special needs, as well as his charitable activities, which support the Masonic philosophy by his actions. Richard Mextorf
Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Pennsylvania, for her many years of service as an elementary school teacher in the city of Pittsburgh, and her uncommon devotion to serving the youth of Pennsylvania though more than thirty years of leadership in various positions in the Rainbow Girls organization. Richard Mextorf
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