What is the significance of presenting a Silver Cup?
The Silver Cup

We don't know what this silver cup might have looked like. The cup he received is not presently in the archives of the Grand Lodge. It may be presumed to have been shaped like a two-handled loving cup, the form of the traditional trophy cup still used today when bestowing distinction and honor.

The only other record of this award to him was reported as the presentation of a silver medal, rather than a cup, but this was in a printed Memorial Address, delivered by a Past Master in Lodge No. 51, on December 26, 1889, two months following his decease. We accept the son's account as more accurate, owing to his intimate knowledge of the possessions of his father.

It may be coincidence, or even, perhaps, providence, that the word for his occupation, cooper, is derived from the Latin root cupa, meaning, cup.

In commemoration of Brother John Thomson's unselfish acts of service, we present this silver cup to celebrate a response to the call of Masonic duty by hastening to the rescue, and saving a human life.
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