Brothers Monroe S. Myers and Nathan W. Fisher

Brothers Monroe S. Myers and Nathan W. Fisher are members of Eureka Lodge No. 404.

Brother Myers and his son were passing by a residence in Northumberland, PA, on January 1, 2009. His son noticed that there was smoke coming from the residence. Brother Myers and his son went to investigate. They found a single family residential dwelling fully engulfed. In checking the house, Brother Myers found and immediately pulled the mother of the family from the residence and placed her on a chair in the yard. He then returned to the house and pulled the father from the residence, who at that time had burns over a large portion of his body and was suffering from shock.

Brother Myers then returned to the house at which time Brother Nathan W. Fisher arrived. Brother Fisher is a police officer in the Borough of Northumberland. It was, at that time, determined there was an adult son still in the building. Both Brother Myers and Brother Fisher entered the residence without benefit of protective clothing or fire equipment. They were able to pull the adult son out of the burning building. All three lives were saved as a result of their activities.

The father was treated at the scene and then immediately transferred by Life Flight Helicopter to Lehigh Valley Burn Center in Allentown for treatment for his burns. The mother and son were ultimately released from the hospital some time after their admission.

Without thought of their own well-being and seeing fellow humans in mortal danger, they took immediate action and saved three lives.

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