Brother Ronald D. Goodman

Bro. Ronald D. Goodman became a Master Mason in Brownstone Lodge No. 666 on February 23, 1953. Brother Goodman's neighbor's house across the street was on fire late one evening. His neighbors, the Dresslers, had just returned home when they discovered the fire in the master bedroom. Mr. Dressler went inside the house to find their dogs and cats. While trying to find the animals he got down on his hands and knees surrounded by thick smoke. Mr. Dressler, whose left leg had been amputated, tried to crawl to the front door, but the foot with the prosthesis was caught between two pieces of furniture. Brother Goodman heard Mr. Dressler's wife outside screaming for help, and that her husband was stuck inside. Brother Goodman ran across the street, went into the house, freed Mr. Dressler and lifted him to safety while smoke was pouring out the front door.

Had it not been for the quick response by Brother Goodman, the outcome might have been far more tragic. He acted without regard for his own safety. It is due to his heroic efforts that Mr. Dressler is alive today.

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