Brothers Paul E. Greiner and Scott D. Steva

Brothers Paul E. Greiner and Scott D. Steva are members of Oasis Lodge No. 416 in Edinboro, PA. Lieutenant Greiner and Deputy Sheriff Steva are with the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

While transporting a prisoner to Erie County in August 2007, they came upon an accident scene in the northbound lane of Interstate 79. They stopped to offer any assistance they could provide prior to the arrival of the Pennsylvania State Police. Inquiries to the bystanders revealed that the driver was pinned in the upside down vehicle in the ditch, which was filling with water. The driver was trapped by his seat belt and a severely broken leg was wedged into the dashboard. The water level was rapidly rising due to the hard rains that had pounded the area.

The Edinboro VFD rescue unit was observed approaching on the other side of the road but would have to continue south to find a crossover. Realizing time was of the essence, they jumped into the ditch. The victim was hanging upside down and having difficulty breathing. Brother Greiner cut the seat belt so that the victim's head could be held up to enable him to breathe while Brother Steva went inside the vehicle. Once inside, Brother Steva discovered a compound fractured leg trapped into the dashboard by the steering wheel. Extraction was becoming critical.

Working in tandem, Brother Steva supported the injured leg as best he could under the circumstances, when Brother Greiner somehow gathered strength to bend the steering wheel enough to allow Brother Steva to extract the leg. Together they pulled the victim from the vehicle to the safety of higher ground. At this point, the rescue unit had arrived and emergency medical care was being given to the victim, at which time both Brothers got back in the cruiser and left.

Without thought of their own well-being and seeing a fellow human being in harm's way, they took action, contrary to the roadside bystanders, and saved a life.

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