Bro. David L. Reiner, D.D.G.M.
Excerpt from the Citation for Bro. David L. Reiner, D.D.G.M.

Bro. David L. Reiner has been a Mason since 1992. He was in the middle of his 4th month as the new District Deputy Grand Master of the 46th Masonic District when he made an official visit to Eureka Lodge No. 404's Past Masters Night on April 18, 2005 for the purpose of presenting Fifty Year Awards. Close to the end of the dinner, prior to the meeting, Bro. and Doctor Monroe S. Myers, P.M., turned white, and become unresponsive. Members sitting to his right and left immediately grabbed him to prevent him from falling to the floor. One asked if he was alright, and started to call his name. Bro. Reiner, alerted, immediately went to Bro. Myers assistance, directing that a 9-1-1 call be placed immediately. Bro. Reiner laid Bro. Myers on the floor, turning him on his side while talking to him and checking for a pulse. Bro. Myers started to vomit through his mouth and nose, and Bro. Reiner cleared his mouth, requesting a wooden spoon to keep the airway clear. This action was successful in resuscitating Bro. Myers who began to breathe on his own. Bro. Reiner again began to assess vital signs when Bro. Myers again emptied the contents of his stomach. Bro. Reiner never left his side and continued to provide care until local emergency responders arrived, stabilized Bro. Myers and transported him to the local hospital. Bro. Reiner, ever organized and in charge, proceeded to clean up and directed the membership to move upstairs for the meeting. The members and officers of Eureka Lodge No. 404 unanimously agreed that Bro. Reiner saved Bro. Myers' life by his quick decisions, commanding presence and calm actions. As Masonic Protocol dictates that all Lodge correspondence to the Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers must go through the District Deputy Grand Master, and the members of Eureka Lodge knew that Bro. Reiner would shrug this action off as "nothing more than what anybody else would have done" and would NOT submit his own nomination, they submitted the nomination through their immediate Past District Deputy Grand Master, (for which, Bro. Reiner, they humbly beg your forgiveness! ) In commemoration of Brother John Thomson's unselfish acts of service, we present to you this silver cup, known as The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Thomson Award, to celebrate your response to the call of Masonic duty by hastening to the rescue, and saving a human life.

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