Michael A. Dickey, Jr.
James S. Grady, Jr.
Ronald A. Marsico

Bro. Adrian Hassler, Secretary of William H. Miller Lodge No. 769, provided these details on the saving of the life of Brother John H. Hilliard.

"The Stated meeting of William H. Miller Lodge No. 769, September 20, 1999, was called to Honor our 25-Year members. Brother John H. Hilliard, Sr., was standing before the altar during the Ceremony. Brother John then approached the Worshipful Master's station. When he reached the East, he collapsed to the floor and was not breathing.

"Brothers Michael A. Dickey, Jr., the Treasurer, James S. Grady, Jr., the acting Chaplain, and Ronald A. Marsico, Jr. rushed to the aid of Brother Hilliard and administered CPR until the Butler Fire Department and the Butler Ambulance crew arrived.

"The paramedics used a defibrillator and drugs to stabilize John so they could transport him the Butler Hospital. After a period of some fifteen minutes they finally stabilized him for transport. During the transport they had to defibrillate him again. Arriving at the hospital, he was admitted for immediate bypass surgery.

"Brother John H. Hilliard, Sr., certainly owes his life to these very fine Brothers he has in William H. Miller Lodge.

As it was this particular incident that sparked the idea for an award for saving a human life in the mind of Bro. Robert L. Dluge, Jr. then R. W. Grand Master, a single Thomson Cup was presented by Bro. Dluge to all three of the brothers who acted immediately in saving Brother Hilliard's life.

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