How can someone receive this distinctive award?
A letter explaining the circumstances may be addressed to the Grand Lodge Officers (RWGM, RWDGM, RWSGW, RWJGW, RWGT and RWGS-all the positions in which Brother Thomson served) and sent through the District Deputy Grand Master, in accordance with Masonic Protocol, to the Grand Secretary's Office. The recommendation will be referred to a review committee for investigation.

Each nomination must be carefully investigated and documented. The committee will look for evidence that the incident involved the actual saving of a life from certain death, that the nominee was primarily responsible for saving a life, and that this was a case of SAVING a human life, rather than protecting it. Videotape, photographs, and written statements by multiple eyewitnesses, or reports filed by police, insurance or emergency personnel are the best evidence for these purposes. The incident must have occurred after December 8, 2000, when the Award was created by Resolution of the Grand Lodge. The nominee must have been acting outside the line of his duty as a professional or volunteer in the field of health, human services or safety.

The committee is charged with granting the award only in cases of absolute certainty that the incident represents action worthy of the special recognition this prestigious award brings. The committee will ask for additional information if necessary, and will ultimately make a recommendation to the Grand Lodge Officers as to the merits of the nomination. Because of the singularity of this award, each selection will be held to the highest standard anticipated when the award was created. All inquiries and correspondence must go through the District Deputy Grand Master.
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