The Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal
The Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal is presented to honor Masons who have distinguished themselves through service to their community, Lodge or Grand Lodge. It was established by a Resolution of Grand Lodge, adopted at the Quarterly Communication held on December 5, 2007.
Recipients of the Grand Master's Outstanding Service Award
December 5, 2007:Jeffrey B. Hodgdon, M.W. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
December 27, 2007:Ronald C. Mitchum, M.W. Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of South Carolina
 Allen J. Henninger, P.D.D.G.M., Senior Grand Deacon, La Belle Vallee Lodge No. 232
 F. Rick Knepper, P.D.D.G.M., Grand Steward, Cromwell Lodge No. 572
 Alfred W. Kotula, Sr., P.D.D.G.M., Assistant Grand Marshal, St. John's Lodge No. 233
 Jon A. Fair, Grand Marshal, Parker City-Allegheny Valley Lodge No. 521
 Kenneth W. McClintock, D.D.G.M., 18th Masonic District, Muncy Lodge No. 299
 James A. O'Connor, D.D.G.M., 21st Masonic District, State College Lodge No. 700
 Richard J. Stemmler, P.D.D.G.M., Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275
 Joseph F. Acton, P.D.D.G.M., Henry M. Phillips Lodge No. 337
 Thomas R. Reich, P.D.D.G.M., Aide to Grand Master, Elysburg Lodge No. 414
 Howard T. Silbaugh, Aide to Grand Master, Westmoreland Lodge No. 518
 John G. Richards, Aide to Grand Master, St. John's Lodge No. 233
 Harry B. Rutter, Jr., Controller, Grand Lodge, William L. Elkins Lodge No. 271
 John Lawler, Distribution Office, Grand Lodge, Athelstan Lodge No. 482
December 6, 2008:Larry R. Christenson, Thomson Lodge No. 340
 Colonel Harris H. Brooks, Lodge No. 126
 John E. Goodman, Grand Lodge Organist-East, Greenleaf Lodge No. 561
December 5, 2009:Alvin W. Hollister, P.D.D.G.M., Salem Lodge No. 330
 Ralph H. Slider, Sr., D.D.G.M., 10th Masonic District, Greenleaf Lodge No. 561
 Raymond W. Unger, Secretary, Pocono Lodge No. 780
January 9, 2010:Charles W. Madden, Oakdale Lodge No. 669
January 16, 2010:William D. Johnston, Crafton Guyasuta Lodge No. 513
 Charles M. Brosgol, Centennial Lodge No. 544
January 19, 2010: Leroy E. Krebs, Shrewsbury Lodge No. 423
February 2, 2010:David P. Rihl, Doric Lodge No. 630
 Tracy H. Miller, III, Doric Lodge No. 630
June 26, 2010:Raymond E. Foose, Grand Lodge Soloist, Newtown Lodge No. 427
August 7, 2010:Daniel J. Konieczka, P.M., John A. Brashear Lodge No. 743
 Lewis R. Rauhecker, P.M., Franklin St. John's Trinity Lodge No. 221
February 2, 2011Alexander C. Portellos, P.M., South Hills Lodge No. 761
March 21, 2011James M. Elliott, Armstrong Lodge No. 239
May 1, 2011R. Keith Lindie, P.M., Bloss Lodge No. 350
November 19, 2011Ricky V. Cross, Washington Lodge No. 164
December 7, 2011Rodney E. Boyce, DDGM, District 30, Westmoreland Lodge No. 518
December 8, 2012:Raymond P. Greiner, P.M., Ephrata Lodge No. 665
 Daniel P. Martin, P.M. Distribution Office, Grand Lodge, Athelstan Lodge No. 482
 Alvin H. Blitz, Cumberland Star Lodge No. 197
May 21, 2013:Bryan K. Foor, Senior Warden, Mountain Lodge No. 281
October 5, 2013:A. Preston Van Deursen, Grand Chaplain, Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551
Edward J. Stumm, Grand Tyler, Williamson Lodge No. 309
December 27, 2013:Jeffrey M. Wonderling, P.D.D.G.M., King Solomon's Lodge No. 346
June 21, 2014:William M. Kratzenberg, P.D.D.G.M., Deputy Chief Aide to Grand Master, Plum Creek-Monroeville Lodge No. 799
December 3, 2014:Anthony J. Garvey, former Assistant to the Grand Master & former Aide to the Grand Master, Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge No. 384
May 18, 2015: Robert J. Slater, Jr., P.M., Junior Warden of Centennial-Lafayette Lodge No. 544
June 20, 2015: Vincent G. Monardo, Deputy Chief Aide to Grand Master, Lodge No. 45
Creation of the Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal
WHEREAS, Pennsylvania Freemasons, working in a Blue Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, as well as Freemasons of other Jurisdictions of their respective Grand Lodge, who have distinguished themselves to their community, their Blue Lodge and to their respective Grand Lodge; and

WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania would like to honor these Brethren who have given their time without recognition of their efforts; and

WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge Officers look with favor upon the creation and presentation of such a medal to those who have rendered outstanding service to Freemasonry and/or their community in general, or their Grand Lodge in particular; and

WHEREAS, the R.W. Grand Master of Pennsylvania has deemed it just and fitting to create a Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal; and

WHEREAS, this matter has been submitted to the Committee on Finance and the monetary requisites have been approved by it;

  1. That a Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal be created for presentation to Pennsylvania Freemasons or Freemasons of other Jurisidictions;
  2. That the recipients of such medal shall be chosen by the Right Worshipful Grand Master not to exceed a total of 15 recipients during his term in office;
  3. That an adequate number of medals be struck initially and that the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer shall make available from current operating funds an appropriate sum to meet the costs of the same.
(Adopted at the December 5, 2007 Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge)
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