Welcome! These pages describe a number of donation strategies which can benefit you, your loved ones, and various Masonic charities.

To find a gift planning strategy that fits your needs, try our interactive interview. It will guide you to an outright or planned giving strategy that is appropriate for your individual objectives. To take the interview, simply click on the "begin interview" link to the left.

Our planned giving section is divided into two sections:

  • Information on outright gifts. These may include cash or other assets that you wish to donate to a Masonic charity immediately. There are favorable tax advantages - involving both income and capital gains taxes - associated with many outright gifts.

  • Information on planned gifts. These are gifts made over a period of time, and which are designed to meet your specific financial goals while also benefitting a Masonic charity. These goals may include retirement income, transfer of assets to your heirs, or even assisting a family member with college expenses. As with outright gifts, there can be favorable income, capital gains, or estate tax advantages to planned gifts. In the case of some planned gifts, these consequences can be significant.

The menu bar at the left offers more detailed information on a variety of outright and planned giving strategies. Simply click on a menu item to learn more. Thank you for visiting.



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