R.W. Grand Master DlugeBrethren and Friends:

Annual Reports chronicle the "the old" and set our sights on "the new." That seems especially impressive since the 1900s are history and we are wrapped in the hopes, promises, opportunities, and challenges that will come with the new century introduced by 2000.

As has been said, "the past is prologue." Every Pennsylvania Freemason and every friend of Masonic Charities has good reason to be proud of our commitment, dedication, and accomplishments in serving and helping others. The record is clear. The magnitude of our caring and service to mankind is well documented by your concern and support for all the Masonic Charities ­ the Masonic Homes and Masonic Children's Home; the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation; The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children; The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania; and the Grand Lodge Masonic Charities Fund. Please review the reports of achievements of each of them.

If you're like I am, you will deeply appreciate the report of the Masonic Homes. As it has for nearly all of the century past, the Masonic Homes' "Mission of Love" cares for the elderly, providing full-life opportunities for the retiring, and giving the youth a promise for the future at the magnificent campus at Elizabethtown. Today, its renowned, professional caring has been extended to serve those of the Family of Freemasonry and others in need across the state in Masonic Eastern Star Homes-East and West and the most recent location, Valley Care Masonic Center at Sewickley.

The Masonic Fraternity's commitment to youth is an important part of Masonic charity. The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, established, operated, and supported by the Grand Lodge, provides leadership and coordination for the Masonically-related youth organizations ­ DeMolay, Rainbow for Girls, and Job's Daughters. It provides training programs, special events and social activities, and offers scholarships and helps youth apply for scholarships offered by other Masonically-related organizations.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children continues compassion and guidance for youth at risk. It makes possible training programs for teachers, counselors, and law enforcement personnel throughout Pennsylvania enabling them to interact with youngsters in drug and alcohol and other addictive circumstances.

As we move on to the new, it is important to record and maintain our history, heritage, culture, and tradition of our Fraternity, nation, and society. The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania is world-renowned for its outstanding historical collection, art, and research capabilities.

Among the Masonic charities, there is the Grand Lodge Masonic Charities Fund which quietly, but effectively helps people and communities by supporting worthy programs for education, treatment, personal relief, and disaster relief when and where it is needed.

Masons Care. You can make a tax-deductible contribution any time to all of the Masonic Charities, or give directly to any one or several of them by designating where you want your gift to be directed. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Sincerely and fraternally,
Robert L. Dluge, Jr.,
R.W. Grand Master


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