pyf4From the old century into the new millennium, "growth" has been the key word through 2000 for the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation programs that forged ahead in support of young people who share a Masonic heritage.

The Foundation is particularly interested ­ indeed excited ­ about the success of our Masonically related youth groups: the Order of DeMolay, the Order of Job's Daughters, and the Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Everywhere that interested and dedicated leaders are found, there are active programs of social, athletic, and character-building service projects. We can secure our future by providing our young people with the only programs that emulate Masonic principles.

Life Skills Conference
pyf2Programs at the Masonic Conference Center continue to grow in variety and popularity. At the request of R.W. Grand Master Robert L. Dluge, Jr., the overwhelmingly successful Life Skills Conference was added to the programming. Thirty-six top-notch junior and senior high school boys and girls experienced a program that focused on ways to increase "Respect, Relationships, and Responsibility." It was a departure from the usual programming because it was open to any young person who is related to a Pennsylvania Mason, or sponsored by a Pennsylvania Masonic lodge. Developed by Bro. Thom Stecher, of Thomson Lodge No. 340, Paoli, the curriculum included a week-long schedule of fun and challenging exercises to teach the lessons in an unforgettable way. Highlighting the conference was the completion of a "high ropes course," which required teamwork, care, safety, and trust. The week concluded with a program for parents during which the young adults taught some of the skills they learned during the program. This effort was so successful that two similar programs have been scheduled for successive weeks this July.

More Scholarships
pyf3The extensive scholarship program continues to grow in both participation and dollars. In 2000, the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation presented $53,450 to 31 different recipients, a ten percent increase over the previous year. Although the Endowment Fund exceeds $660,000, there simply isn't enough income to provide support for all who apply. Lodges and individuals are encouraged to help in assisting deserving young persons by contributing to the P.Y.F. Educational Endowment Fund, or to the Grand Master's Scholarship Fund.

More than 4,500 copies of the printed edition of the Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide for the 2001 scholarship season were distributed during the Fall. The Resource Guide, including the application, are always available on-line at «», or on request from the P.Y.F. office. This year, applicants for scholarships may use the on-line form to type their submissions and mail them to us with the necessary attachments.

Youth on the Web
pyf1The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation web site continues to grow in function and content. The web site unveiled complete Rainbow and Job's Daughters modules during the year to help promote their programs. The most popular section of the web site remains the Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide and the on-line application for a P.Y.F. Scholarship.

During 2000, the P.Y.F. was the recipient of a bequest of property from the estate of Bro. David A. Bondzio, late a member of Landmark Lodge No. 442, Wilkes- Barre. All contributions to the P.Y.F. programs are greatly appreciated. They help us reach out with a Masonic hand of assistance and caring to the youth of the entire Commonwealth.

Finally, the P.Y.F. continues to share its activities and programs of the youth groups through the bimonthly publication, Masonic Youth Minutes, mailed to all youth group leaders, lodge youth chairmen, lodge secretaries, and worshipful masters. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for that publication, contact the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, 1244 Bainbridge Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022; call 1 (800) 266-8424 (in PA only); or send an e-mail to «».

The Mission: Pennsylvania Youth Foundation

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation will:

Teach Masonic principles to youth emphasizing service to God, family and community.

Develop good moral character, virtue and reverence in young people.

Provide safe, wholesome and exciting activities for teenagers.

Create opportunities for the growth and practice of leadership and public speaking skills.

Foster academic achievement among those with financial need.

Promote the Masonic youth groups, fostering interaction with the Masonic lodges.

To achieve this mission, the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation will lead the Masonic Fraternity in the creation and support of youth programs and services, in particular, through the operation of the Masonic Conference Center­Patton Campus at Elizabethtown.

Members of the 2000 Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation

Samuel C. Williamson, R.W. P.G.M., Chairman
Kim W. Jeffreys, P.D.D.G.M.
C. DeForrest Trexler, P.D.D.G.M.
James T. Clancy
Glen R. Grell
Larry G. Newhard
Charles A. Pass
Mrs. Beryl Hogue
Mrs Rebecca Hubley

Thomas R. Labagh,
Executive Director and Secretary to the Board of Directors

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