Bro. Jackson on HorsebackThomas W. Jackson retires Dec. 27 as R.W. Grand Secretary after 20 years of dedicated, meritorious service, but he will still be busy throughout the Family of Freemasonry.

Last year, Bro. Jackson was named the first Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Masters and now will attend to the full duties of that office. He will continue his dedication to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, serving on several committees and projects at the request of the new Grand Master. He also plans to continue as the reviewer of books for The Northern Light, the magazine of the Scottish Rite of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. He serves on the Steering Committee for the Masonic Information Center of the Masonic Service Association of the United States. During 1999, he was named Grand Chancellor of the Grand Imperial Council, Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine.

Bro. Jackson was made a Mason in Cumberland Valley Lodge No. 315, Shippensburg, and served as its Worshipful Master in 1969. He became R.W. Grand Secretary in 1979. He is a Past President of the Grand Secretaries of North America.

In York Rite Capitular Masonry, he is a Past High Priest of George Washington Chapter No. 176; has been active in the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania; and is a Past Master and Past Secretary of Excelsior Mark Lodge No. 216, Philadelphia. In Cryptic Masonry, he is a Past Thrice Illustrious Master of George Washington Council No. 66 and received the Order of the Silver Trowel. In Chivalric Masonry, he is a Past Eminent Commander of Continental Commandery No. 56, a Past Division Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Pennsylvania, and received the Knight Commander of the Temple Award. He is a Past Prior of Penn Priory, and recipient of the Knights of the York Cross of Honor.

Bro. Jackson is a member of the Grand College of Rites of the United States of America, the Great Priory of America Holy Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City, and an Associate Regent and recipient of the Order of the Purple Cross in the York Rite Sovereign College of North America.

He is a Past Puissant Sovereign of York Conclave, Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine and a life member of Trinity Conclave. Prior to being named Grand Chancellor this year, he served as Ill. Grand Chamberlain, Ill. Grand Orator, and Intendant General for Pennsylvania - Eastern.

He is a Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Harrisburg where he served as Most Wise Master of the Chapter of Rose Croix. He was coroneted a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º, in 1980. He is a Past President of the Shippensburg Scottish Rite Club. He is the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Screening Committee for the Royal Order of Scotland.

He is a Shriner in Zembo Temple, Harrisburg, and an Honorary Life Member of Boumi Temple, Baltimore. He is a Past Grand Tall Cedar and former Ceremonial Director of Valley Forest No. 145. He served on the Fraternal Relations Committee of the Supreme Forest in 1980 and 1981.

Bro. Jackson on the Hunt

Bro. Jackson is a Deputy Member of the International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay and an advisor for George Washington Chapter, Chambersburg. He is a Past Sovereign Master of Rex Council No 47, Allied Masonic Degrees, Past Very Eminent Preceptor of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, and a member of Knight Masons of the United States of America. He is a Fellow in the Philalethes Society and a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis. Also, he is a subscribing member of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076, London, England; American Lodge of Research; United Masters Lodge, Auckland, New Zealand; Texas Lodge of Research; and the Scottish Rite Research Society.

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