Bro. Daniel RichmondBro. Daniel J. Richmond is shown on his D.A.R.E. card. These cards, supplied by the Foundation, are given to students to treasure like sports picture cards.

Daniel J. Richmond is a 46-year-old policeman who loves to help children. He also is an emerging leader in Freemasonry, now serving as the Senior Warden for Richard-Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge No. 384, Philadelphia. There's an important cause and effect relationship between those two facts.

This native Pennsylvanian is a career law enforcement officer with more than 25 years' service. He is an officer in the Philadelphia Police Department and has been assigned as a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officer since the program was adopted in the city 12 years ago. He also is certified and teaches in the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training) Program. He is a mentor for both programs, which means he teaches other officers the techniques for presenting the programs.

Bro. Richmond was attracted to Freemasonry in 1994 when he saw the work the Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children (then it was the Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Children). That was when the Masonic Conference Center at Elizabethtown was opened to the D.A.R.E. Training Program and became the official site of all D.A.R.E. Training in Pennsylvania. He has strong feelings about how Freemasonry is making a difference by supporting not only D.A.R.E., but also the Student Assistance Program and other community-based projects. He was so impressed with Masonry, the facility, and the generosity and quality of the members that he asked about the Fraternity and wanted to become a Mason.

Bro. Richmond became a Freemason in 1995 and became part of the action at once. Not only is he an officer of his lodge today, he is a volunteer speaker for the Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children and has volunteered to be the Masonic Chapter Advisor for the Franklin Chapter of the Acacia Fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bro. Daniel Richmond

Bro. Richmond feels that he is part of an outstanding organization, which gives him another opportunity to help children. He has been married 25 years and the couple has four daughters, two of whom have benefitted from college tuition assistance from his lodge.

His decision to become a Mason has been a cause and effect that is exceptionally good for Bro. Richmond and for Freemasonry.

The kids show rapt attention as Bro. Richmond maintains a dialogue with students