MedallionA tribute to Masons on every continent ...
An honor to Pennsylvania Masons!

The medallion of the 113th R.W. Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania is a reflection of the world of Freemasonry to remind Freemasons worldwide, wherever dispersed, of their membership in this ancient and honorable Fraternity.

Its unique features depict a world with an emphasis on the state of Pennsylvania. Inside the world is a golden Lady of Justice standing beside the name and term of office of R.W. Grand Master Robert L. Dluge, Jr. The world rests upon a keystone-shaped base made of Pennsylvania anthracite coal, a representation of our historical past. The medallion of the Grand Master is imbedded on the front and reverse of the coal base. The world, itself, is made of a compound of space-age acrylic, symbolizing the technology of today.

Thus, the medallion is a blend of the old and the new.