Masonic Charities Fund is the fund-raising arm for the charities of the R. W. Grand Lodge F. & A. M. of Pennsylvania.

The administrative, promotion, collection, and distribution activities associated with fund-raising will be accomplished through one office for the benefit of the following existing Grand Lodge Charities:

The Masonic Homes:

Masonic Homes

This includes the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown, the Masonic Eastern Star Homes in Warminster and Pittsburgh, and the Valley Care Masonic Center in Sewickley. All the Masonic Homes serve the Fraternity, their family members, youth, and the community through a continuum of quality care services encompassed in its "Mission of Love." Also included in the vital work of the Masonic Homes are the Adult Daily Living Center, the Masonic Outreach Program, and the Masonic Children's Home.

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation:

PA Youth Foundation

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation is headquartered on the Masonic Conference Center in Elizabethtown and provides support and programs for the Masonically-related youth organizations including the Order of the Rainbow for Girls, the Order of DeMolay for young men, and the Order of Job's Daughters. In carrying out its mission, the Foundation promotes the Masonic youth groups, fostering interaction with the Masonic lodges, and emphasizing service to God, family, and community.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children:

PA Masonic Foundation for Children

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children seeks to prevent drug, alcohol, and other abuses by children through education, intervention, and counseling. This work is carried out through the support of well-established programs of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and other existing groups concerned with juvenile addictions. The Foundation is also committed to the Fraternity and the communities of Pennsylvania in providing and supporting addiction awareness.

The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania:

Masonic Library and Museum of PA

This facility and staff serve the Fraternity by being an outstanding resource for Masonic education and research. Its extensive rare book collection and thousands of valuable manuscripts, broadsides, prints, photographs, and minute books makes the Library and Museum an indispensable tool for researchers and scholars. An extensive circulation library of books, audio tapes, and video tapes accessible by mail or through the Internet is available to members of Pennsylvania Lodges on loan and without cost. The Masonic Gift Shop, also available by mail or through the Internet, carries a large inventory of Masonically related items. The Museum's collection may be seen during tours of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.

All funds received by the Masonic Charities Fund will be distributed to the several Masonic Charities by the trustees of the Fund. When a donor designates a particular gift for the benefit of a specific Masonic Charity, that designation will be honored. Gifts in memory or in honor of loved family members or respected friends are welcomed and encouraged.

The Masonic Charities Fund is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Accordingly, a gift to the Masonic Charities Fund may result in a charitable contribution deduction from Federal income tax depending on the circumstances of the donor and the specifics of the gift.

Contributions may be forwarded to the Masonic Charities Fund in care of the Development Office, One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022. For information on Planned Giving opportunities and how you might remember the Masonic Charities in your Will, please contact Bro. John R. McFadden at the Development Office. He will be happy to assist you and your advisors at no cost or obligation. He may be contacted at the address previously indicated or by telephoning him at (800) 599-6454 or (717) 367-1121, extension 33311.