Bro. Jackson in AfricaWhen being made a Chief of the African village of Nigua-saff, Bro. Jackson is escorted by his hosts to "his village" in the Ivory Coast.

While attending the Consecration of the new Grand Lodge in Bamako, Mali, on Mar. 13, Thomas W. Jackson, R.W. Grand Secretary of Pennsylvania, had the title of Honorary Past Senior Grand Warden conferred on him by the Malian National Grand Lodge. That is the most recent grand lodge to be consecrated in Africa.

Two days later, Bro. Jackson also was made a Chief of the African village of Nigua-saff in the Ivory Coast. Although that honor was not Masonic, the village was the home of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the Ivory Coast and the Grand Master of that Grand Lodge was present for the ceremony. "Bro. Jackson's village" is situated on the shores of a lagoon several hours from Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

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