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resithHere's the Answer to the #1 Question about Admission to the Masonic Villages Residential Living, Assisted Living & Nursing Areas

lahillthLive Life to the Fullest!
at Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill

Alma Greeby, a resident of Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill for more than...

adthAUTUMN DAY 2005
More than 6,000 people visited the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown...

farmthMasonic Village Farm Market
Order your gift boxes now for the Holidays...

mvlethThe Masonic Villages
by Joseph E. Murphy, N.H.A., C.E.O.
"I'm not ready yet..."

ssqthSycamore Square
Looking for the perfect place to relocate or start-up your business?

dallasthNew Homes at Dallas are Going Quickly!
Since our newest retirement community is Dallas, Pa., was announced...

sewth"I love it, but I'm not ready yet."
So often these words are spoken as prospective residents come to tour Masonic Village at Sewickley...

disnthMasonic Children's Home Residents Enjoy Trip to Disney World with the Grand Master!
It's a Small World After All...

medthMasonic Villages Provide Information on Medicare Part D
With the new Medicare D prescription drug plan coming...

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