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"I love it, but I'm not ready yet."

sewSo often these words are spoken as prospective residents come to tour Masonic Village at Sewickley. What is the other phrase so commonly heard at the village? "I wish we would have come here years ago." Of course, this statement is uttered by the many residents who are already here.

As more and more people choose retirement community living, many more still continue to put it off--sometimes until it is too late. Why do people put off the move? Usually it is to avoid the effort required to get belongings and possessions organized. While this process is not easy, 300+ community residents have taken on that challenge, and not only survived, but are now living a lifestyle free of worry and full of adventure.

Residents realize that by making the move now, they are able to choose their location and move into a brand new apartment instead of being on a long waiting list. However, with less than 20 percent of its apartments remaining, time is running out for those looking to take advantage of this vibrant new community. In fact, since all 35 of our villa homes are occupied, the Committee on Masonic Homes has approved the pre-marketing of eight additional villas to be built in response to the interest shown by prospective residents.

As retirement communities everywhere experience increasing demand, it is not often that a new community of this magnitude is developed. Spread across 53 acres of scenic, peaceful landscape, our neighborhoods are places where friendships flourish and activities keep everyone's calendars full.

sewIf you have not toured the village, you owe it to yourself to see what everyone is talking about. Call 1-866-872-0664 to make a reservation for our upcoming open houses, November 22 or December 15 at 10:00 a.m. Or, print this page and return the coupon.

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