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rwgs2albertMy Brothers:

As the conclusion of my term in office as your R. W. Grand Secretary is approaching, I thank all of you for the support and friendship that you have provided to me personally and to our office.

I feel very good about the accomplishments I have been able to be a part of during the time that I have served Grand Lodge as your Grand Marshal and Grand Secretary. Much has been implemented for the betterment of our Fraternity.

Memories that we all have are to be very good, and mine are no exception. From the time I first became a Mason my interest for greater knowledge in our Fraternity has been one of my goals. The other is my continued study as a student of the Civil War. Both have my thirst for continued learning.

I cherish the many friendships I have made and continue to make, as we all consider Freemasonry has made us all better in whatever we do.

I look forward to seeing and meeting with all of you in the future where our bonds of friendship and fellowship continue to strengthen.

I ask all of you to provide those whom you consider to meet the qualifications of membership in our fraternity a Friend to Friend brochure, ask them to read it and review any questions they might have with you. We must continue to receive good men and make them better.

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