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resi1Here's the Answer to the #1 Question about Admission to the Masonic Villages' Residential Living, Assisted Living & Nursing Areas

Q. Probably the most frequently asked question by prospective residents and their family members is, "Must I have a minimum amount of assets to be eligible for admission?"

resi2A No. There is no required amount of money necessary, and we do not require that your assets be signed over to the Masonic Village. Applicants are required to maintain eligibility for Medicaid, Medicare and other third-party payers by not transferring or giving away assets. Fraternal support enables the Masonic Villages to serve eligible individuals as part of our Mission of Love.

The Masonic Villages provided $19.4 million in the provision of fraternal or charity care last year through the benevolence of Pennsylvania Freemasons, their families and others supporting our Mission of Love. Pennsylvania Masons and their families would expect individuals who have funds to pay for their services where possible, thus allowing us to meet the needs of those who truly need care and do not have the resources to pay for it.

resi3This policy provides security for residents, as the Masonic Village agrees that should a resident's resources deplete, he or she will not be asked to leave the Masonic Village and will continue to receive services.

Still have more questions? Please call the Admissions Office at (800) 422-1207, e-mail us at or schedule a visit so we may discuss them.

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