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murphy"I'm not ready yet..." Across the state, this is probably the most often heard phrase by all of our marketing and admissions staff. The second is likely, "Is my (accommodation) ready yet?"

Ultimately, our goal at all of our Masonic Villages is to serve our Family of Freemasonry when the time is right for each individual or couple. However, the best way for prospective residents to ensure that their desired cottage, apartment or room is available is by planning as far in advance as possible. Our retirement and residential living areas in Elizabethtown and retirement living area at Lafayette Hill will accept priority applications from individuals age 65 and above since these communities have waiting lists. However, all retirement living locations, including our Sewickley and Dallas villages, will accept pre-age priority applications from individuals beginning at age 55. While residents must be 65 (in the case of two spouses, one has to be at least 65) to live at one of our villages, going through the process early allows you to choose your desired home type, discuss finances and pre-plan so that when your name reaches the top of the priority list, you will be in a position to make a move to an existing accommodation or even new construction as it becomes available. Many individuals who wait to complete an application until they are ready to move are disappointed to discover that in some locations, the waiting list is extensive.

This situation occurs in our assisted living and nursing areas as well. While oftentimes these areas are filled internally by residents from retirement or residential areas, we have many people who come to our villages when they need assistance in their tasks of daily living, require rehabilitation or need care after a sudden change in their health. Sometimes these needs come up unexpectedly, but other times they are gradual or even planned. If, for example, a family member is in the beginning stages of Parkinson's disease or dementia, it is a good idea to pre-plan for future needs in case in-home care becomes too difficult. Or, if a loved one requires surgery for a hip or knee replacement, it is best to plan for recovery at the same time that you schedule the surgery. That way, we can work with you to plan an easy transition during the rehabilitation process and avoid the stress that comes with attempting to quickly secure a quality place to receive those services. Of course, we will always try to accommodate you should emergency needs arise, but planning in advance, when possible, brings peace of mind during troubled times.

We are YOUR Masonic Villages. Our success and growth is built upon your needs and your generosity. In order to best serve you, we need to know what your needs are. Call us today and let us know how we can help you prepare for your future.

Masonic Village at Dallas
Marketing for Retirement Living: 570-675-1866 or toll-free 866-851-4243

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown
Admissions for Residential Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Services: 800-422-1207
Marketing for Retirement Living: 800-676-6452

Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill
Retirement Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Services: 610-828-5760, ext. 1294

Masonic Village at Sewickley
Retirement Living: 412-741-1400, ext. 3530, or toll-free 866-872-0664
Assisted Living: 412-741-1400, ext. 3600
Nursing Services: 412-741-1400, ext. 3020

Masonic Village at Warminster
Assisted Living and Nursing Services: 215-672-2500, ext. 116

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