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Masonic Service Important at 20th Anniversary Key Man Conference

In August 2005, Pennsylvania DeMolay held the 20th Annual Pennsylvania DeMolay Key Man Conference at the Masonic Conference Center ­ Patton Campus in Elizabethtown.

Ever since the inception of this internationally recognized leadership conference in 1986, teaching DeMolays the importance of Masonic Service has been an important element of the Key Man Program.

As the Key Man program has evolved, so has the Masonic Service component of the program. In recent years these budding DeMolay leaders have become more interactive with the residents at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. The visitation of 120 young men can be overwhelming, so the group is split for morning and afternoon visits. In the morning, the first group of Key Men present talent shows, skits and a DeMolay public ceremony for the residents of the Village Green. In the afternoon, the remaining Key Men visit the Health Care Center, meeting with the residents, and helping to transport some to the Assembly Room for the usual Wednesday afternoon worship service. Several of the DeMolays participate in the service by reading scripture lessons, leading responsive readings and offering prayers.

The programs at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown provide an excellent opportunity for the young men of DeMolay to participate in a multi-generational service experience.

These visits have had a profound and memorable effect on both the Key Men and the residents.

In evaluations of the Key Man program completed by DeMolays, adult leaders and Masonic Village personnel, this part of the program continues to receive high praise.

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