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Is the Grand Lodge Long Term Care Insurance Program for you?

The Masonic Villages of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is pleased to offer access to a special member benefit for you and your family. Long-term care insurance is available to help you prepare for the uncertainties our future health may bring. It takes a lifetime to accumulate an estate, but the cost of long-term home health care, assisted living, and/or nursing home care can quickly reduce your assets. While none of us can predict our future health care needs, we can prepare for the uncertainties that could impact our families and ourselves.

The Masonic Villages' Outreach Program hears every day from individuals and families looking for ways to meet their health care needs. Some prefer to receive services in their own home. Others look for services at a Masonic Village, or a community-based service provider. It is a common misconception that Medicare will cover the cost of long-term care.

Many people find themselves in a difficult situation when faced with the expense. Most often they are concerned about paying for the care they need while protecting their estate for their loved ones.

The Masonic Villages of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is working with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, a reputable company that has consistently earned high marks from various industry-rating agencies, to provide you a solution to protect your family members and your estate.

We believe that when you examine the choices available, this valuable member benefit will be attractive to you, and will assist you in preparing for a potential long-term care need.

A representative from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company will be available to talk with you at 1-888-552-7284 ext. 3062, to share more details and answer questions about this program. You can also call any of the offices listed at the bottom of this page. Agents within the color coded regions have been assigned to District Masonic Lodge groups. Those agents will be conducting several informational meetings in the Lodges to aid and assist you in understanding the program and help select a tailor-made plan for your Long Term Care when and if the need arises.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Counties are assigned to each agency by color.


Pittsburgh Agency - Jon Henderson, General Agent
Central PA Agency - P. Gary Weinken, General Agent
Lehigh Agency - Walter Wolak, General Agent
Philadelphia Agency - Harris Fishman, General Agent

1-888-552-7284 Ext 3062

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